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Filling Prescription

You must be seen by a GP to receive a sick certificate or illness benefit certificate (Ib1), however if you have been seen in our practice for this illness already or seen in the hospital recently and we have sufficient documentation that will also suffice. If you need to request a sick cert for work purposes please fill in the form below and submit it.

Your cert will be emailed to you within 2 working days. 

Please note if you require a Social Welfare cert you will also need to apply online or collect an IB1 from the reception (or your local INTREO Offices or DSP Branch Offices. Please complete for form and return to the Department of Social Protection.

Please note, as per Citizens information 'You should always apply for Illness Benefit if you are medically certified as unfit for work. Even if you don’t qualify the weekly payment, you may get PRSI credited contributions which can help you qualify for future social welfare payments.

Illness Benefit/ Sick Certificate form
Which type of cert do you require?

Thanks you for submitting your repeat prescription form.

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